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    About Skinbutak

    The Beginning

    Dr. Lee Jeong-min, a specialist in cosmetics engineering, used to consult skin problems from many people around her.
    She struggled to come up with the definition of good cosmetics.
    Dreaming of magical things beyond good ingredients and technology, she started launching products one by one, going on a journey in the fairytale called "Skinbutak" in 2018. Dr. Lee decided to be a wizard, the protagonist in the story.

    Here's a wizard who only thinks about beautiful skin.
    Let's ask her to take care of your skin.


      Wizard of SKINBUTAK,
      Jung-min Lee's Profile

    • Ph.D. in Cosmetics Engineering, Konkuk University
    • Professor, Cosmetics Engineering, Konkuk University
    • Professor, Bio Healthcare Systems, Sungkyul University
    • President, Skinbutak Brand
    • skinbutak_jm
    ★Magical spell on your skin★

    Fun and values beyond cosmetics

    Skinbutak only uses outstanding ingredients and has undergone countless formulas and skin clinical tests to create safe functional cosmetics.
    Let's put a spell for your skin with a wizard who only thinks about beautiful skin without any compromise!
    • Approved for over-the-counter by the US FDA

      U.S. Food and Drug

    • Completed clinical tests on the skin

      Skin brightening and wrinkle alleviation effects proven by clinical studies

    • Concept raw ingredients

      vitamin tree fruit

    • Obtained Green Grade from EWG

      American environmental organization

    • Approved for functionality by the KFDA

      Korea Food and Drug Administration

    • Approved for special-use cosmetics by the NMPA

      China National Medical
      Products Administration

    • Free of purified water, artificial fragrance

      0% purified water,
      0% artificial fragrance

    • Safe ingredients

      naturally derived