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    Company Overview

    Nature Blue participates in all the processes of
    planning, research, and production for responsible distribution of cosmetics.

    Registered as a cosmetics facility
    at the United States Food and Drug Administration

    Corporate name

    Nature Blue Co., Ltd.

    Year of establishment


    Main business

    Distribution · manufacturing

    Main products

    Cosmetics · Fragrance
    Air fresheners
    Pet supplies


    Skinbutak · dicora
    the perfume
    dingding cafe
    dingding cosmetics

    NatureBlue CI

    The CI for Nature Blue, which started from nature, represents the mountains and the sea using the initials N and B.
    It is based on the motifs that signify the power of nature.
    SKINBUTAK MAGIC laboratory★


    174-1 Songdo-Dong Yeonsu-gu Techno Cube 508,
    Incheon Korea
    Tel: 82-1577-5316
    SKINBUTAK MAGIC laboratory  
    SKINBUTAK MAGIC laboratory  
    SKINBUTAK MAGIC laboratory★



    Nature Blue is with a reliable family company.
    • FASTLab

    • Nuvaria

    • Lotte Develop

    • Lotte Shopping

    • Shinsaegae

    • LG H&H



    • LotteDutyFree

    • Korea Institute of
      medical sciences

    • GSRetail

    • Ten by Ten

    • Eson

    • Kotra

    • Light and salt

    • INCHEON Technopark

    • Konkuk University

    • Dongduk University

    • Sungkyul University

    • Suwon women’s University

    • Kyungbok University

    • Korea Testing&
      Research Institute

    • Korea International
      Trade Association

    • Korea Industrial
      Technology Association